All You Need Is… Rocks!

Here it is you guys! Found it.

This needs to be a poster. In case any of yall need these are perfect stones for working with Chakras. Depending on what you need to work with there are a variety of different options.

I tend to collect heart and crown chrakra stones XD… Guess it’s time to fix that! Preferably in the form of a pendulum and necklace piece for convenience.

Hope this helps any followers who might be interested.

Now of course before you clean them double check if it’s okay to use salt water. There are many ways to cleanse some are silly. You’d be surprised by the crazy stuff. Simple salt water or spring water, even rain water is just fine.

Oh and THE BEST place to find these stones in all varieties of shapes and sizes is Ebay. Try bidding. The best way to do it is close to the end time you put your 💱 wager. I’ve won stones at less than $1. The only catch is that most likely it will take 3 months before you see them 😑.

Boom! 🔮 There you have my latest purchases 😉.

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