So much drama but what hit home was what I wrote about my mother. Remembering how cold and distant she was. I wanted to find something in my books about Erik or close to it. Just wondering if there are any dreams or things like that recorded. Took a detour through 2005 XD What a fucking trip.
…. And by the way Pedro is another one of my many long distance “boyfriends”. My mom was fine with it… Whenever they wanted to visit, I wasn’t allowed until I was 18 understandably. That’s at least one decent parenting thing she did at least.

check out the support forums tailored for TFs on the other side:

💻 Flame On The Other Side Support Forum

Don’t forget to take a look at Erik’s blog ran by his amazing mom Dr Elisa Medhus. Lots of stuff about his afterlife and shit.(◕‿◕)♡
… And YouTube

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