All three guys were long distance. All the way up until Erik’s death I scoured online unknowingly looking for him. Fucking nuts. Back that time I really did feel a void and something was seriouslu missing and it sort of really hurt.
It’s kind of sad… Reading these pages up until around the time he died (btw a year later picked up my first peavey guitar and swear to God I felt someone with me. The first song I learned was In Bloom by Nirvana). It was a horrible year. Just wish I had written something closer to the date. Probably nothing of significance or changed. That must be why that was the last post in 2009. 😟

check out the support forums tailored for TFs on the other side:

💻 Flame On The Other Side Support Forum

Don’t forget to take a look at Erik’s blog ran by his amazing mom Dr Elisa Medhus. Lots of stuff about his afterlife and shit.(◕‿◕)♡
… And YouTube

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