Erik Reminded Me

That dream I didn’t remember. Yeah.

Said a while back that it’s true, all the love interests you have, put them all together and you have your twin flame. Everyone has a “type”… We have these types because subconsciously we are all looking for our true other halves. As twin flames are soul mates (but on crack) it’s obvious you old on the core of that “type” you are attracted to.

So Erik said a trigger. Yup, all the exs and love interests I had. But at the core was love for music. Genuine love for music. That was my “type”. Artists and musicians (played several instruments, been in bands, wrote music, etc). There are of course other traits.

I can think of all my relationships just like past lives. Each person opened a door to a new life. I had the same type of guy over and over again no matter how “bad” or “dangerous” they were. For the most part. Point being as I said. Put them all together and there you have it. I haven’t learned my lesson to be self sufficient. In most lives I was either catered to or a greedy asshat of some kind. Never had to do anything myself! In this life it still holds true. My bf calls me “princess” because I get all prissy, I rely on him to drive me everywhere because of horrible anxiety. Actually kind of use it as an excuse too.

Anyway again point being. He said a trigger and all of those people, crushes, friends, boyfriends just flashed by until I almost had a panic attack. I remembered the dream I had. Not only remembered how he left me in France, but felt and saw all the times I was pushed to the side by everyone else. Erik fit right in with them. It was fucked up to realize.

It wouldn’t have mattered. In this life he would have left me for someone or ignore me altogether, he’d still die, and I’ll still be crazy. That’s the common denominator I’m our incarnations. *sigh* Good times? ╮(︶︿︶)╭

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