Asked my guardians about my relationship with Erik:
1. Situation. A life event that leads to change calling for release/freeing yourself of the old to bring in the new. A change in my environment, way if thinking and perceiving, new job, new shit, new beginning. Dumping bad habits and things that no longer serve me well.

2. Challenge. Is to do the above. Allowing change to take place, avoiding the issue at a temporary standstill. Calls for the need to forgive and learn from the situation. A reminder to ask angels for help. Trying to take care of things on my own instead of asking for help only creates more problems.

3. Basis. The truth is the need to let go and cut cords, the need to be less serious (learn to take a joke). It’s time to move on in life again by releasing the old habits, people, anything that doesn’t resonate.

4. The past. As it pertains to the situation involves a TF relationship where there was unrequited love (like our past lives) where conflict with others was an issue. The fire sign further signals a firey and passionate affair.

5. Present. Healing angels are assisting with healing the past. The effort has to be made to release and let go in order to deepen the relationship. Receiving public recognition via my blog requires self discipline and willpower. Aiming for an important achievement.

6. Near future. Attracting a desired outcome if present situation continues or completes, the future promises deepening of the relationship to the next level. Possibly levels of consciousness? It calls for revealing our true selves as spiritual beings.

7. Power. I have the power to release all the bad to welcome the good by placing them in a box, take the time apart as a lesson and not a curse. It also may indicate separation from my bf needed as part of the release the separation will allow independence. Not powerless but capable.

8. People involved out side of our relationship have addictions which need to be healed. They are trying to get clean. Pay attention to the red flags my bf and brother give out. I’m patient with them as it happens, as I’m knowledgeable about what they’re going through.

9. Hopes and fears are opening the heart, forgiveness and the thought of being a mother or giving birth to new ideas.

10. Outcome if I follow the advice it’s possible I will clear and cut away the cords, dump toxic relationships, welcome new love or the deepening of an existing, happiness and financial success.

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