Was just listening to Gone Away by Offspring doing some stuff on the comuper, and right in the middle of it (he loves doing this to me)changes it to this song!

Dieing because he’s such a tard. He’s very amused.Of course he changes it to this song. BECAUSE ITS SO HIM! Can’t stop laughing because I can totally see him being so full of himself.
He likes changing my music. At first thought it was my phone. He said it was him doing it. Thought though he was just joking. Got a new phone and it happens again. I’m like “yeah okay Erik I get it”

He likes to communicate through music by messing with URL links to songs I try to send to people and just changing my music like this for something he wants me to hear. Makes my day everytime.

Enjoy this song it’s fucking awesome and catchy if you havent already.

AND HE JUST DID IT AGAIN! Hahahah fucking love this shit. This time just a random song to be cool. I just cant. XD ROFL

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Don’t forget to take a look at Erik’s blog ran by his amazing mom Dr Elise Medhus. Lots of stuff about his afterlife and shit.(◕‿◕)♡

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