Introducing Me To Other People

Right before bed he let me know one of “his mediums” was “here”. Crazy right, because she’s alive. So perhaps right now she’s asleep dreaming about being in a room with Erik and I.

He told her how embarrassed I am about certain things he’s told her *ahem*. When Im not at liberty to talk to him to help him feel better, told him that he should go to her. I like her so a couple of days ago I told him to say That I said hello. Didn’t expect this! Lol


Jesus. *looks left and looks right* Uh not literally.

So it was interesting I got to meet her I think and said something about actually meeting me. She said, “I’m happy love has found you guys!” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, Idk I was too amazed at it all. Haha maybe this is just me or Erik has played a good one on me!

He was about to tell me about our childhood in France where I became a nun after he left. Will have to return to it later.

I emailed her just to see if by chance she knows what I’m talking about. Guessing it will be a while…

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