We Speak Another Language / Walk-Outs

Backstory: I have a twin brother and up until we were toddlers, my mom would swear we were speaking a language and that we would talk shit about her behind her back. There was a study on Twins that concluded that it was common among babies born on the same day. Triplets, twins, etc… I wish I could find that article.

We also had an “imaginary” friend named Wasi, who turned out to be a friendly alien who watched and played with us. Perhaps maybe when we spoke our language, we were speaking to him/her.

Somehow I don’t fucking know, I started to speak to him in something I couldn’t understand. It was like hearing multiple women speaking all at once in sort of a whisper. I couldn’t make out what was said. It was weird. It felt really good and familiar.

Erik got excited and told me to do it again. Guess I was thinking about too much and I couldn’t do it. I just relaxed from the confusion and talked to him like normal and suddenly it happened again.


Walking Out

Earlier my spirit self (Vanessa) was very upset. It’s not allowed to “walk out” of a body and I was surprised to hear she asked for it. Turns out “walk outs” are forbidden. Basically equal how some people view suicide. Not that it doesn’t happen but it’s highly frowned upon in the Afterlife. Years ago I had a dream of being part of a council meeting with Erik about the task to incarnate on earth again to teach love. We were shown some slide shows and I remember that taking notes.

… Looks like I’m doing my task now with my blog and he’s doing it with his shit. Kind of cool. Anyway I didn’t want to have any part of it and tried to sneak out. He chased after me saying I need to go back. It sort of parallels in this life I knew spirituality was going to be part of my life and plenty of times I tried to get on the bandwagon (I also kept having dreams of literally being on a band wagon. Coincidently as long as I was playing an instrument my psychic abilities were present). I fell on and off the bandwagon calling it bullshit and then pushed again to get back on.

I remember being resentful about being back on earth. Being such a bright kid, tried to drown myself when I was about 6 or 7. Turns out it’s not really possible to drown yourself unless you have some kind of accident. It only got me afraid of pools until an angel in a dream pushed me in a pool and I ended up being okay.

There was another time I ate a bunch of those Flintstones vitamins in attempt to get myself really sick because my mom said if I took more than one I’d die. So I learned from my mom it was dangerous so I thought well if it WAS dangerous, I must be doing the right thing. I ate just a few too many Tylenol chewables. At least was thinking about leaving some left for when my siblings need it. There weren’t very many. My mom caught me, spanked, and dragged my ass by the hair to my room. She told me I was a little druggie when I was little like it was funny. Yeah I remember all of it. It’s not hard to remember fucked up shit like that.

.. How did I get on this rant?! XD

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