Build a Relationship with Your Guides Tarot Spread

1: The Guide

2: What you can do to build the relationship

3: What they will do to build the relationship

4-6: Feel free to set the intention for these cards before you begin. For example, 4-6 could be the steps you should take to find an avenue of communication that works well with this guide.

Or it could be three things about your relationship with them.

Or, it could be three ways that they have reached out in the past.

I highly recommend that you use your intuition here. If the only thing that strikes you about a card is a small symbol or animal, then pay attention to that. 

I think you want to work outside the traditional tarot/oracle meanings that are available to really get some good information.

Your Twin Flame in spirit is without question one of your spirit guides. This is a great card reading spread. Even if you have just regular 54ct deck.

Card Reading is a good way to build and strengthen your intuition. Also a great addition to whatever else you use to communicate with your TF/Guides.

Here is a good teacher on a regular deck: http://www.lunalunamagazine.com/dark/read-tarot-with-a-simple-deck-of-playing-cards

I also suggest you invest in a few text books, at least a deck of oracle and one tarot deck.

Note: True Love Tarot Comes with a deck but you can also by the book alone and use any tarot deck. This is just the book of card meanings. Got it from Amazon.

Tarot Made Easy is the best one I’ve got. As you can see it’s been through some shit. I really recommend this. It’s VERY SPECIFIC!… And with lots of pictures!

Simple Fortune Telling book is alright. Also very detailed but it’s boring. Not as neat to look at.

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