Back Home

The storm passed. Lots and lots of trees and shit all over the road, street signs in crazy positions like hurricane Irma thought it would be funny. Nice bitch now we don’t know what street we’re on and a random tree can’t pass as a speed hump! Nice try! She just blew through here like she’s looking for a dick to fuck. Whorabke (yes I said it), whorable Irma giving everyone the finger all the way up past Georgia. Poor Georgia got raped too. Them peaches is tore up! OK ok I’ll stop XD.

Back home and my neighborhood looks fairly untouched compared to the fuckery everywhere else. Roof intact, everything in its place and with electricity! Wooohooo!

It was a bitch and a half trying to get all the cats in the car! Freya fought getting into the carry case. The boys knew what time it was and as per usual hid under the bed. The entire 20 minute drive was a symphony of cries, howls, and groans.

Surprised there isn’t a lot of flooding. Tons of people still without power even in the elderly community where my Grampa lives. How fucked up is that? I kinda feel bad about leaving my Grampa alone but we couldn’t stand another night without a/c and nothing to do but drink and sleep. I’ll call him later.

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