First Run-in With Low and Earthbound Spirits

Last couple of days I had been crying from the stress panic attacks and depression. So much piling up on my shoulders.

Erik was kind to inform me earthbounds are around me and he himself became earthbound (?!) to fend them off. I was directing my stern demand for him, Erik to go back to the afterlife where he belongs. It was up to him or them they followed suit. Erik went back. I asked of they left and they did.

To be honest I stoped protecting myself like I should. My pendulum board was starting to look horrible. He did ask me to make a new one last week. I made a new one with both a prayer written to Archangels Michael and Raphael directly on it for me to read and ward off bad spirits. I felt one of them nudge me to overdose on my meds. It was weird but I was so busy crying I couldn’t hold my crystal still.

Now I’m more cautious than ever while talking to Erik. I requested that he let me know this time if some shitty spirit comes in and this time really say my prayers.

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