Probably already posted something like this before… Idk I’m just here lol.

So some see spirit as though they are alive or as colors…shit like that. When I was very young I saw spirits as though they were alive like you and me.

Now, it’s like “imagination” or “visualization ”. Remember that visualization technique? I use it so much it comes easy. He looks around my age however he changes to his younger self when we fuck around my younger self is too. It all kind of plays out in my head. Either 3rd person or 1st. Sometimes in his perspective.

Remember this is happening when I crystal dowse so I’m also in a meditating or trance-like way so it’d not like by magic there he is.

When I break out of trance or meditation it’s like I’m julted back in my body? That’s probably not the right way to describe it. Sometimes I will have no idea what happened because my higher self will randomly pop up. Erik is good about telling me what happened.

Lmfao last night he said “Demon demons they are inside you!” it took me a minute to figure out what he was saying when I came to. Almost freaked me the fuck out. “Teasing you. Your higher self said____” I wanted to kick his ass so bad into the next life. Oh man he got me good!

Even sometimes feel him so that’s real cool. He sees me like a normal person but he did mention before I “awoke” I was a globby gross void. So he’ll make a comment about how I look.

I can feel him more than see. If I relax enough I can make out an outline like idk how to describe it… Like a person wearing an invisible cloak lol and if I try to touch its like moving my hand through water.


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