Call for Mass Meditation on the Solar Eclipse on August 21st

When you have collective consciousness where most attention is scattered or only focused on the accumulation of material possessions you get tyranny from a small group of beings who can easily energetically and financially enslave the masses who are unconscious on how they are creating what they focus on by what is put in front of them.

However when a group of powerful beings focus on One concept those waves of frequency energetically effect the entire subconscious psyche of a collective consciousness to shift in that direction of focus. Especially during a solar eclipse temporal shift.

This is scientifically proven. Please research The Maharishi Effect if you need proof.

⬆⬆⬆IMPORTANT!!! ⬆⬆⬆

I reblogged this simply to alert people to a mass meditation for unity on the planet among all beings. I did not reblog this to question the semantics of the people who decided to put forth this meditation. While I try to accept all thought processes in this extremely large arena of interest, I certainly allow everyone to come to their own conclusions without spinning my own interests in the matter. Everything I post on this blog is for people to find, examine, mull over, research, etc. I will not coerce people to think the way I do. This is only information. These are only posts to bring certain things to your reality, kind of like pointing to something and say “hey, look at that!”. Make of it what you will.

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