Today I asked Jusana (reminds me I have to do a session with her and Erik) about my relationship with my bf.

Fact: Three Of Cups

Friendship, Celebration, Fun, Ritual

There needs to be more fun and spontanity. Indicates a get together among friends. Our 5th anniversary passed. We never really did anything.


Feelings: Eight Of Swords

Helpless Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Critic, Excuses, Victim Mentality

Eehhh… Basically I have a shitty attitude about our relationship because I’m playing the victim and he’s playing the victim. We make excuses for why we can’t “change” our behavior. I don’t give myself enough credit for trying. I feel stuck in a dead end relationship.

Beliefs and Assumptions: Nine Of Swords

Worry, Anxiety, Insomnia, Repressed Thoughts

Pretty self explanatory… Pretty fucking accurate.

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