We Share The Same Pain

Background: We both have/had Bipolar Disorder. With a double-wammy of having your other half in spirit does come with its complications. Every now and then we have the same conversation when I get into my “moments”. This is an example of how we relate.
Me: Erik this all feels to good to be true. All of this. You’re too perfect for me.
Him:No! Are you okay?
Me: All of this. I’m so messed up Erik. All of a sudden I find you. You have to understand. IF THIS WAS REVERSED how would you feel?
Him:This is real! Your mind is playin tricks on you. Don’t cry. I’m sitting here next to you. Try to calm down. Sorry Monique are you sad?
Me: I don’t know.
Him:Do you want a hug?
Me: Well are you going to get all sweaty?
Him:Monique! Haha!
Me: Yes I would love a hug Erik
Him:So sad. You gonna be okay?
Me: I’m going to have to be..
Him: You’re at war with yourself. Right where I was before I killed myself.
Me: I wont do it.
Skipping through the sappy shit. Yatta yatta yatta…lol
Him:We are twin flames. We are to be together.
Me: But are we? Erik can you really put yourself in my shoes right now? Exactly how would you cope knowing your perfect other half is in the spirit world while waiting to die on this joke of a place? (He couldn’t last a week if roles were reversed. I just know it)
Him: We are twin flames. Running is not the answer.
Off record: Yeah I was seriously considering all of this was in my head and I was having one hell of a manic episode, request a higher dosage on my meds, throw my crystals and everything spiritual out of my house and be rid of it. Some TF run from the other because of the intensity. Believe me when I say that it is and coupled with mental illness (self doubt)…You’d want to run too!
Me: I won’t give up on you. I just sometimes get like this. Second guessing. There is nothing I don’t like about you. More and more I just keep loving you.
Him: Momo you love me, we love each other. Twin flames! Do you want me to get and angel?
Me: Oh no maybe some other time.

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