We’re each other. You’re me, my other half…. We’re always gonna be a part of each other’s lives cause we have this connection, I mean even if we’re not talking or physically together..there is a cord that connects us telepathically…

Often with twin flames we see that they can feel one another’s emotions, even without realizing that is even possible in many cases, since not many people know about twin flames. Yet now people have begun to notice an elevation in twin flame meetings. This is all part of a divine plan, to make the world a better place by coming together. It is not necessarily romantic, yet it often is very, very deep and romantic.

“Each relationship we have is seen as practice to prepare us for our twin: the ultimate relationship. Twin flames often find themselves traveling large distances across the world before meeting.”

I personally travelled into a different country before meeting my own twin flame. A lot of twin flames live far from one another, and meet under unusual circumstances.

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